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The Digg Into Books Show


A woman struggles to come to terms with her deteriorating health, and the infidelities of her husband.


short film

Digg into Books, Keeping Literature Alive is a first-of-its-kind show that combines entertaining interviews with book clubs and authors from around the world. Viewers can get the latest scoop on everything hot related to the world of books. It provides a much needed platform to not only talk about the latest books on the market, but it also provides authors and book clubs with opportunities to connect with their readers and fans on a more personal and intimate level

An entertainment talk show with a real pop culture point of view.

Based on a true story, Beyond Merritt is the inspirational story of Lynda Merritt, a single mother of four, who becomes lost in the evil grips of cocaine addiction. After losing her kids to the foster care system, Lynda vows to stay clean, but is caught between a crossroads-will she fight for her life and save her sons, or will she choose to fall victim to her addiction and self-destructive path? A heart-wrenching film that explores the harsh realities of drug addiction, poverty and single motherhood, Beyond Merritt is a gripping story of one mother’s courage to reclaim her life and overcome her own demons.

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We've all heard of the "celebrity" overnight success story, but what about those on the rise to stardom? Director Rebecca Hu captures the triumphs of rising actresses in Hollywood through a selection of interviews and a candid peak into their journey. Although these women are diverse in age, ethnicity, and career success, they share one common desire, the passion to live their dream.


A Short film based on a true life story

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