4 Hearts Entertainment, LLC Film locations in Los Angeles. hospital room, bar/restaurant, executive office and film screening room.

4 Hearts Studios 

Stage 2

20942 Osbourne St. Ste C

Canoga Park, CA. 91304


4 Hearts Studios

Stage 1

15751 Roxford St. Ste. A

Sylmar, CA 91342


Canoga Pk Studio

Our Canoga Park location features a rustic industrial style bar and modern office. Capture those realistic party scenes here with 4 full walls of shooting. Our bar is also great for hosting private events including; film screenings, baby showers, wrap parties, and production meetings. 

Come see why our Sylmar location is a favorite among film students and indie filmmakers. Don't take our word for it. Check our yelp reviews. With our low rates,  you can take your production value to the next level! Our standing sets include; a hospital room, nurses station, classroom, jail, bar, executive office, & living room. 

4 Hearts Entertainment, LLC Film locations such as executive office, film screening room, bar/restaurant, hospital room and classroom standing set in Los Angeles.

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4 Hearts Studios, co-owned by husband/wife team Kevin and Ci Ci Foster, 4 Hearts has made huge strides with providing film students and indie filmmakers resources to complete their projects on budget.

Sylmar Studio

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