4 Hearts Studios

15751 Roxford St. Ste. A

Sylmar CA 91342

 818 605 9965


Dedicated to producing high quality film, and TV shows, we strive to create original projects that reflect the human experience.

We have several projects in various stages of production including All But Perfect (Short Film) and Oh! Really?( TV Pilot)

Our Studio

Filmed at 4 Hearts Studios

4 Hearts Entertainment, LLC Film locations classroom and hospital standing set in Los Angeles.

Our Publications

Our mission of 4 Hearts Publications is to bring "Sexy back" to reading. Since 2009, we have promoted literature in a variety of innovative ways including Publishing Sunny Rain (A sexy drama) and producing the web series "Digg Into Books". 

Affordable low cost film locations in Los Angeles. With rates as low as $60/hr you can take your production value to the next level! Between our standing film sets and keen knowledge of "cheating" camera angles, we can help you come up with a vast array of versatile locations allowing you to possibly film your project in one location.

Need A Kick Ass Acting Reel?

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