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Husband and wife team, Ci Ci and Kevin Foster, are proving that love and Hollywood can equal success. In 2007, Kevin left a lucrative position at Ford Motors in Chicago to support Ci Ci in pursuing her dreams of working in the entertainment industry. 

Ci Ci is the author of Sunny Rain, which received massive praise and garnered media attention from numerous outlets, including XI Magazine, Suavv Magazine, and Brownsista.com. Following the success of Sunny Rain, ‘The Queen of Sexy Drama,’ was called to produce, I Heart Hollywood, an in-depth, documentary that followed the challenges of Hollywood actresses. The film drew diverse audiences, received accolades and gained the attention of news outlets, including KTLA news.

Kevin is the brain-child behind 2 web series; Digg Into Books, and Oh Really? Kevin and Ci Ci also appeared in a TV commercial together for TempurPedic Mattress.

In 2015, 4 Hearts Studios was born to help indie filmmakers and students produce quality films on a tight budget. The couple has been married for 19 years and has 2 children.


Kevin & Ci Ci Foster

4 Hearts Entertainment, LLC Film locations in Los Angeles..

4 Hearts Entertainment, LLC Film locations in Los Angeles. hospital room, bar/restaurant, executive office and film screening room.

4 Hearts Studios 

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